Montreal "Laughter":

Montreal "Laughter"

Travel with Purpose: As seen on Global Child Montreal

Welcome to Global Child! Generosity is defined as a quality of being kind and generous, giving with an open hand or being characterized by Nobel spirit. Sure, you have seen glimpses of this stunning imagery, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, the gorgeous cliffs of Santorini, the sexy beaches of Mykonos, the landmarks of Athens. Greece is wildly generous with its landscapes, but even more so with its people, all roughly 11 million of them. Greece has already been giving to you and you didn’t even know it! How so? Well… democracy—they came up with that! The Olympics, Western philosophy, the theater – that was all them! And of course, one of our all-time favorites—Greek food! In an age when some of the best human traits seem harder to find, generosity is so seldomly well embodied by an entire nation—the people are generous and like an honored tradition its passed down from generation to generation.